Jamaican Stone

JS.Cube.DiceWhat is Jamaican stone?

Jamaican stone is made from a specially concentrated tree sap and natural grown herbs which can only be found in certain parts of the world such as Jamaica, Caribbean, Borneo and some parts of China. Also known as Black stone, Love stone, Sex stone, Stone, Hajar Saadah and Hajar Jahanam; the Jamaican stone has been used for centuries to change the level of stimulation in the penis head while enhancing the erection and delaying ejaculation.

Before this, the Jamaican stone has only been used by the local people from where it originated. However recently, the people from all over the world have started to acknowledge the power of this stone in prolonging sexual intercourse and increasing sexual satisfaction. From Caribbean, Europe, Middle East, and up to Canada, now it has managed to penetrate the USA market.

How does Jamaican stone work?

how to use jamaican stoneOnce a few drops of water is applied onto the stone and twirled for some time, the stone will produce some milky fluid. The milky fluid is the substance that we would want to use. The milky fluid will then be applied to the sensitive part of the male’s penis, mainly the head and below. After about 20 – 30 minutes, normally there will be a tingling sensation on the male’s penis.

Once that sensation is felt, it means that the stone is already working by temporarily desensitizing the nerve endings on the male’s penis, allowing him to perform sexual intercourse for a longer duration. With enough experience on how to use the stone and a little bit of mind control, the Jamaican stone could be a great help for those who suffer from premature ejaculation!

Where is the business opportunity?

cube Jamaican stoneAccording to statistics, premature ejaculation affects 25%-40% of men in the United States. Bear in mind that the number of males in the United States was 151.4 million as reported in 2009. 25%-40% is easily 37.85 – 68.13 million of target market that we have over there. And that is only in the United States. The business opportunity for Jamaican stone is opened to the rest of the world!

Jamaican stone is safe as long as it is not swallowed and the Jamaican stone side effects is under controlled if the user follow the instruction on how to use the stone correctly. Keep the stone away from children. Thus, the business risk that can occur by selling this products is low. The facts that it is made from natural tree sap and herbs, free from any unpleasant odor, and can be kept for a long time, make the stone more valuable to your business. Once you have it in your hands, it is precious all the time.

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